2024 Wingfoil Competition Outlook

Team ENSIS at the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Gran Canaria Pozo 2023

New locations, spectator-favourite disciplines, and the biggest prize pool in wingfoiling to date – 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for wingfoiling competitions. Let’s take a closer look at the calendars for both the IWSA-WINGFOILRACING and GWA tours; it’s going to be a jam-packed year!

IWSA – Wing Foil Racing

The IWSA is currently on its fourth global tour, which is exclusively dedicated to course racing. The organisers strive to host races of the highest standard, ensuring fairness and competitiveness. In 2024, there will be two continental competitions held to determine the European and Asian Wing Foiling Champions. Additionally, there will be five World Cup events that will ultimately determine the racing World Wingfoiling Champion.

This year, there are three exciting new stops. The ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP will be hosted in Hong Kong, while there will be a WORLD CUP events in Turkiye and another in Pingtan, China. The event in China boasts a prize pool of 60,000 euros, making it the largest in wingfoiling competition to date, we are confident that this impressive reward will motivate riders to bring their A-Game and participate.

In a surprising turn of events, Lake Garda, Italy will not be featured on the 2024 tour, even though it has been a regular stop in previous years. Additionally, the 2024 event in Silvaplana will no longer be a WORLD CUP stop. Instead, it will be the venue for the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS.

GWA – Wingfoil World Tour

The GWA hosts multiple wingfoil disciplines throughout the year.

The first is SURF-FREESTYLE, which focuses on technical and impressive tricks. If conditions allow, waves will be incorporated into the scoring system. The second discipline is FREEFLY-SLALOM, which offers a less traditional but more flexible approach to regattas. The third discipline is WAVE, which, as the name suggests, is a pure wingfoil wave riding event. Lastly, there is BIG-AIR, where riders have to perform tricks, and the height of the trick heavily determines the score.

Each discipline crowns its own champions for the year, and every venue will host one or more of the previously mentioned wing foil disciplines. For a more detailed breakdown of which venue will host which disciplines, be sure to check out the GWA  event page. Please note that all details are subject to change.

GWA pushes and encourages innovation from riders, and it will be exciting to witness the new moves that happen this year. If you missed the BIG-AIR event from last year, don’t worry because it is being hosted at GRAN CANARIA once again. The media coverage and excitement surrounding the event were incredible, and we highly recommend tuning in when it takes place.

Team ENSIS at the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Gran Canaria Pozo 2023

Busy Year for Wingfoil Athletes

We have covered the two main tours in the WINGFOILING world, but there are numerous independent events and competitions taking place throughout the year. The ENSIS team has expanded, and our current and new riders will be pushing boundaries and flying with ENSIS equipment, be sure to cheer them on. Stay tuned and follow the ENSIS social media pages or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

Interested in wingfoiling?

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