Balz Müller about the ENSIS TOP SPIN

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Balz Müller about the TOP SPIN boom wing

The ENSIS TOP SPIN boom wing range has grown. The 5 sizes 3.1, 3.6, 4.1, 4.6, 5.1 come in different colors, a great wish of Balz Müller has been fulfilled. All sizes are available now, which we take as an opportunity for an interview with Balz.

Balz Müller using the ENSIS TOP SPIN boom wing during the wingfoil world cup in Gran Canaria.

Balz Müller using the ENSIS TOP SPIN 3.1 boom wing during the wingfoil world cup in Gran Canaria.

For a very long time, you wanted to have the high performance of an ENSIS wing also available as a boom wing. The ENSIS TOP SPIN is now available in 5 sizes. Why is a boom so important to you?
As a passionate windsurfer, I always missed the familiar, direct sail-body connection when wingfoiling. Thus, even with the very first ENSIS wings, I mounted broken windsurfing booms and laminated them with toothbrushes in my living room. Many, many prototypes followed until the final ENSIS TOP SPIN met our demands for high performance. The advantages of boom wings have always fascinated me and never let me go. For me, these are the direct navigation of the wing, the unlimited gripping possibilities and the fact that the wing does not swing out on its own during manoeuvres.

The ENSIS TOP SPIN is the result of an intensive phase of R&D. What were the major challenges during development?
The challenge was to find a robust and yet light connection from boom to strut. So many different forms of connections were printed or laminated. As soon as they were made, we quickly destroyed them doing radical freestyle manoeuvres. The strains on the connections are high. So we started again from scratch several times.

In your eyes, what are the most important qualities that a boom must fulfill?
Riding comfort must be high. This means that the boom needs to be ergonomic in order to achieve maximum efficiency when riding. In addition, the boom should be light and stiff. Last but not least, a comfortable grip is important to achieve the desired comfort.

And of course we want to know: Have you achieved this with the ENSIS TOP SPIN?
After more than a dozen prototypes, I am convinced that we have found a super solution. The boom is ergonomic and comfortable to ride. The ENSIS Click Fix Mounting System is easy to use and can withstand all our crazy moves.

The TOP SPIN is available in different colors. Were you involved in this?
To have each size in a different color was my and the team’s great wish. We think it’s great to know what size friends are using on the water when you get to the spot. Each size has a different, fresh colour, so it’s easy. Plus, the variety is fun!

Check out the ENSIS TOP SPIN and get yourself dancing on the water.