Balz Müller on ENSIS Boards

Exciting news: Balz joins ENSIS boards! From now on, whenever Balz is dancing on the water and performing his stunning moves in the sky, he has an ENSIS board under his feet. The ENSIS community is absolutely thrilled.

We asked Balz a few questions about his new journey with ENSIS Boards:

Q: You now ride ENSIS boards. Obviously, the concept with the concave outline convinces you. Let us know why.
Balz : I love the concave outline board concept since the very first riding experience. The board is perfectly balanced when getting on it and keeps a straight line when pumping it up. On the foil, it takes off smoothly and is super easy to control when flying. The compact shape feels fantastic no matter if I carve a jibe or flip the board overhead.

Q: You already had some very windy sessions at your home spot riding the ROCK’N’ROLL. What is your impression?
Balz: I immediately felt comfortable on the 57 and enjoyed some of the best wing sessions of my life so far. ENSIS choses a Custom Carbon Sandwich Construction, both light-weighted and solid, so I can push to the max and extend my wingfoil limits. I‘m very excited to progress with the ROCK’N’ROLL.

Q: You are significantly involved in the development of the ENSIS Wings. Will this also be the case with the boards?
Balz: I appreciate the open minded and constructive RnD with ENSIS and looking forward to a progressive collaboration also board wise. Some very exciting projects are already in the pipeline.

Q: The partnership with the ENSIS crew and the other ENSIS team riders will now be even more intense. Are you looking forward to it?
Balz: I’m proud to join the young* and creative ENSIS team. *well young minded ;). Looking forward to many fun adventures coming along, supporting the ENSIS community on and off the water!  And last but not least sharing the passion to play with wings.

We are extremely excited to have Balz on ENSIS Boards from now on. The whole ENSIS crew is happy to officially welcomes Balz on ENSIS Boards.

Let’s get this new chapter started. Feel the passion.

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