Dates and Infos Wing Foil Tour Italy 2021

Dates and Infos Wing Foil Tour Italy 2021

We are happy to be a partner of the wing foil tour Italy. Last year was the first year of the national Italian tour with 3 events on the calendar. This year 2021 is going to be a lot bigger. Let’s have a closer look to the dates of the national Italian Wing Foil Tour.

10 – 11/Apr/2021
I Race – WFT Italian Championship @ Wind Resort, PUZZITEDDU (Sicily)

1 – 2/May/2021
II RACE -Spot1, Cecina (ITALY)

2 – 4/July/2021
II RACE – “Foiling Week”, Malcesine – Garda Lake (ITALY)

24 – 26/September/2021
IV RACE – Formia “Wind For Fun” (ITALY)

23 – 24/October/2021
V RACE – Brenzone, Garda Lake (ITALY)

We asked our youngest team rider from Italy, Riccardo Zorzi some questions about the Italian Wing Foil Tour.

How will you prepare for the Italian wing foil tour 2021?
I think the races this year will be long and challenging. This is why i will need very strong muscles and a lot of power. I do squat exercises every day and try to spend as much time on the water as possible.

There are 5 tour stops this year – which one you are looking forward to the most and why?
I am really looking forward to head back to Cecina. This is where I have beautiful memories of winning my first race.

What is your goal for the 2021 tour?
My first goal is to confirm my value in the Italian race championship and perform well in the races. Furthermore I am looking forward to go to the freestyle world tour to learn from the best wingers.

The Italian tour is all about racing and fun. What is your secret to be the fastest?
I think the start is fundamental and i don’t want to make mistakes this year. I also believe that the body endurance will be important.

Thank you for the interview Ricky, good luck for the upcoming national Italian wing foil tour 2021.