Dates and Infos Wing Foil World Tour 2021

Dates and Infos Wing Foil World Tour 2021

2020 was a tough year for most of us and yet in the midst of it all, the GWA was not only launched into existence on August 16th but we also managed to achieve some incredible feats in 2020. We as ENSIS are proud and happy to be a official member of the Global Wingsports Association – supporting the sport and the Wing Foil World Tour.

Here’s what happened in 2020:
• Produced 3 international wingfoil events
• Established competition format
• Crowned an international champion – ENSIS Team Rider Balz Müller
• Saw freestyle winging really take it to the next level!

We’re stoked to have some awesome events on the schedule in 2021. Read on for everything you need to know.

The current event schedule is as follows (subject to change):
April 28th – May 2nd Leucate, France
July 1st-4th Viana do Costello, Portugal
August 12th-15th Silvaplana, Switzerland
November 3rd-6th Dakhla, Morocco
November 11th-14th Fortaleza, Brazil
December 4th-8th Tarifa, Spain

For the 2021 GWA Wingfoil World Tour, there are two official disciplines in which competitors may compete: Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Race. There will be run pro divisions with a limited number of competitors and also amateur divisions at certain events.

The Surf-Freestyle discipline includes the expression format where competitors surf waves or swells and perform air and surface tricks using the given water conditions. It is a mix of both wave riding and air tricks.

In the Surf-Race discipline, multiple competitors ride around a course with a start and finish line that combines jibes, tacks and parts of pumping or surfing without wing assistance. The Race Director sets the course according to the given conditions in the competition area. It is called Surf-Race because it includes upwind racing with surfing/pumping downwind.

The GWA will be crowing a world champion in each discipline (Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Race) as well as an overall champion.

What an exciting year to look forward to.