Demo Days ENSIS EngadinWing Silvaplana

Test ENSIS wing foiling gear at the Demo Days at ENSIS EngadinWing from June 14-16. Whether you’re watching the WINGFOILING RACING action unfold or enjoying the Swiss mountains and scenery, attendees at the ENSIS EngadinWing will have the opportunity to see and demo all the latest ENSIS equipment. Wind or no wind, there is plenty of fun to be had on the water. Here is the gear you can expect:

What gear can you expect

When there is no wind, the downwind board, the ENSIS WALTZ, will be available for those wanting to try their hands at flat water POP-UPs. The WALTZ is also exceptional as a light wind wing foiling board. If you’re not interested in using a paddle, the dockstarting board, the HIPHOP PRO, will be available, and you can find out why it is the best pump foiling board available.

Once the wind arrives, whether boom or handle wings are your preference, both the SCORE and TOPSPIN will be available to try. Keep an eye out at the ENSIS booth because you may also get the opportunity to see and try something completely new.

The dedicated wing foiling boards ROCK’N’ROLL and ROCK’N’ROLL PRO, in their bright and eye-catching colours, will be available in most sizes, catering to all skill levels.

On the accessory and waterwear side, both the ENSIS DOUBLESHELL and BALZ PRO water sports helmets will be available to fit and try. If you want to try a harness while wingfoiling, the ENSIS BIRDIE will be there.

Don’t miss out on all the action happening during the ENSIS ENGADIN. Come meet the team, say hi, and try the latest ENSIS gear. See you there!

Interested in anything wing or foil?

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