Development SCORE rigid handles and Click Fix system

The transition from soft handles to rigid handles brought about its own set of challenges, requiring extensive development and testing to create a fail-proof system that is both strong and lightweight, while still providing comfort during use. In the article we chat about the SCORE rigid handles and Patrick, the brilliant mind behind the click fix mounting system featured on the wing.

ENSIS SCORE rigid handles

The SCORE rigid handles was the next evolution of the original SCORE. They feature an updated shape, a direct S strut connection, and most notably, rigid handles. The updated wing retains all the qualities of the original SCORE – easy to fly, lots of low-end power – but now more responsive and direct, while still being a forgiving wing to fly.

Why rigid handles?

Implementing rigid handles was a challenge, and some people feel that they add something solid and unnecessary to the wing. So why choose rigid handles? Soft handles offer limited control in terms of handling, with minimal influence from wrist movements when steering the wing. Rigid handles, on the other hand, address this issue by allowing for a wider range of inputs, resulting in a more responsive and direct wing. So if you haven’t tried it out yet, we really encourage you to do so. 

Who is Patrick?

Patrick is a developer on the ENSIS TEAM and developed the rigid handles and click fix mounting system. He began his career in the textile industry, specialising in the development of carbon parts for weaving machines. However, his passion for paragliding led him to become a flight instructor and developer in the field.

Through a development project, Patrick crossed paths with Michi, Balz, and ENSIS, ultimately joining the ENSIS development team and his first project being the development of the rigid handles and click fix mounting system. With his expertise and experience, Patrick plays a crucial role on the team.

Below are some questions with Patrick about the development of the click fix mounting system and handles.

Let’s take a look at the ENSIS Click Fix Mounting System. What is important in this connection from strut to the rigid handle?
The most important thing is a connection from the boom/handle to the strut that is as stiff and direct as possible and can withstand large forces. That’s why we developed a fastening that is only clamped by inflating the wing. Built it, tested it, and we had a super-stiff and robust connection. But where is wingfoiling heading? Soft handles, fixed handles or boom? All options have their legitimacy. Therefore, I designed the current system. The full flexibility of the ENSIS Click Fix Mounting System has become apparent with the introduction of the ENSIS SCORE rigid handles.

You were the man tasked with making the rigid handles and mounting system the best it possibly could be. Let’s talk about the tube of the rigid handles: What is special about it?
The wings develop more and more power, the tricks become very demanding and require precise control of the wing. For this, the tube shape has to be perfect and fit every wingfoiler. For weeks, I made a new shape almost every morning and in the afternoon I was on the water with Michi and Balz testing. After countless attempts, a shape has emerged that comes very close to an egg. In the end it was a matter of tenths of a millimetre until the shape of the boom/handles was perfect.

The implementation needed to be strong, lightweight, comfortable, and future-proof, as new wings would feature this system. Patrick and the ENSIS TEAM have achieved all of these goals. It was first featured on the SCORE limited edition, then TOP SPIN, and finally the SCORE rigid handles.


Both soft handles and rigid handles have their pros and cons, but we believe that rigid handles offer a better experience for ambitious wingfoilers who want a more responsive and direct wing. Patrick is a valuable and appreciated member of the ENSIS TEAM. We look forward to his future developments.

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