ENSIS at the FoilFestival in Germany

ENSIS heads to Schönberg, with a surprise

The ENSIS team recently journeyed to Schönberg, a charming town by the Baltic Sea in Germany, to participate in the FoilFestival from August 18th to 20th. The event was a gathering of competitors and wingfoiling enthusiasts, featuring scrumptious food, lively parties, and tons of wingfoiling

Over 100 competitors registered for the event, making an impressive turnout. Additionally, more than 40 brands, including ENSIS, showcased their latest products, turning the festival into a haven for summer tourists and the general public intrigued by wingfoiling.

ENSIS Weekend recap

Day one ENSIS revealed a surprise: the launch of the new ROCK’N’ROLL PRO. This sexy board quickly became a crowd-puller at the ENSIS booth over the weekend. If you missed the launch video, it’s a must-watch!

Representing ENSIS on the water were team riders Balz and Tina, equipped with their colourful new boards. Despite the weekend’s unfavourable wind conditions, which did not allow the freestyle discipline to take place, Balz Muller made the most of it, he does not need wind, and was out wingfoiling in the slightest breeze, pumpfoiling and sharing his passion for the sport both on and off the water.

Balz and Tina also could not help but show off the strength of the new pro boards.

On the competition side, the German Championships, organised by the German Wing Foil Association, were held over the weekend. Although two disciplines were planned, the weekend concluded with only 4 races being held across the men’s, women’s, and kids’ divisions. Tina and Balz both finished in 4th place overall. Congratulations to both of them.

The event was a major success, and it was great to see many enthusiastic riders having fun and celebrating wingfoiling. Huge thank you to the event organisers @FOILFESTIVAL, to the riders and public that joined, and the ENSIS TEAM. See you again next year.


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Media by Tina and @harrijasse