ENSIS at the Wing Foil World Tour Brazil 2023

On 21-24 November, the GWA concluded its final stop in 2023. The waves, wind, and warm water were the perfect recipe for an epic finale. The event was hosted on the northern Brazil shoreline at Cauipe, which has a flat water lagoon as well as an ocean with sizable waves and shorebreak. This was perfect for the two respective disciplines hosted in this final GWA: FREEFLY-SLALOM and SURF-FREESTYLE.

ENSIS team riders Balz Muller and Ale Tomasi crossed continents to find warmer waters and join this event. Below, we will give you a quick recap of the event.

Challenging Surf-Freestyle wing foiling

The conditions for the SURF-FREESTYLE were definitely not for the faint of heart, with onshore wind and a very sizeable shorebreak. Equipment would be damaged if riders timed their entry into the water poorly, making for an exhilarating event. The wingfoil discipline had a mixed format, with 2 FREESTYLE TRICKS and 2 WAVE RIDES counting towards the total score.

Balz opened with very strong heats and finished the event 5th overall. “He showed innovation and playfulness in the waves. He is always one to try new moves and push the boundaries when it comes to wing foiling.” – GWA

Freefly-Slalom in the lagoon

The wind was great throughout the entire event, which lasted for 4 action-packed days of wing foiling. The FREEFLY-SLALOM took place in the lagoon and followed an elimination format. The course was challenging and tested the drag-racing skills of both the hydrofoils and the riders.

Our favourite moment was the incredibly close finish in the final elimination where Ale Tomasi finished second, where the winner was determined by a mere couple of centimetres.

Winners Crowned – Season Closing

This event was the last GWA wingfoil event of the season. All the wing riders who participated in the tour were crowned for their achievements from the various disciplines throughout the year. Congratulations to all these riders and everyone who took part.

Competition in wing foiling brings out the best in riders, gear, and brands. At the end of the last competition season, we wondered if wingfoiling had reached its full potential. It had not. Tricks, combos, and even back-mobes that we never thought of before are now being performed, drawing inspiration from all water sports and pushing hydrofoils to new limits. We are sure everyone is as excited as we are to see where the level of riding will go next. A huge thank you to the GWA for their efforts in supporting the riders. We are excited to see what next year has in store.


Interested in wingfoiling?

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