ENSIS Development: Behind the Scenes

Building the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO for Unmatched Strength and Style

When Balz Müller joined the boards division of the ENSIS team, the project to create the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL PRO board was born – the aim was to create a foil board that not only looked great, but one that was exceptionally strong and featherlight. We invite you to join us for a conversation with Karl, the Head of ENSIS, and Balz, the head of shredding at ENSIS for a conversation into the devolpment of the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO.

The man behind ENSIS: Karl Müller

Karl Müller, the head here at ENSIS, has a long history and background in watersports. We caught up with Karl to discuss the development of the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO, the reasons behind starting the project, and the challenges faced.

How and why did the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO PROJECT start?

When Balz began riding ENSIS boards, we wanted to develop something special. The idea was to create the best production board possible.

While having a discussion about the desired qualities of a pro board, Balz and Michi believed in order to have the board be incredibly strong and durable there would have to be compromises on the weight, I bet otherwise, but the compromise would be the cost. This conversation led to the inception of the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO, we aimed for a board that is both extremely durable and lightweight.

Tell us about developing and building the board, what makes it special?

The first step was to find a manufacturer that had expertise in high-tech sandwich construction. From industry experience, I was aware of a manufacturer with low capacity but an incredible reputation known for their workmanship and expertise. Once we settled on where the board was going to be made, the discussion shifted to material. We chose premium raw materials, boxes, and inserts that are far above industry standard.

There are no longer any secrets in board construction; the “secret sauce” is the expertise at ENSIS with 4 years of foil board development. We understand the critical areas of a foil board extremely well – we use up to 8 layers of carbon in the critical sections on the board, and we save weight by reducing reinforcement in non-critical areas.

What challenges and concerns did you face developing the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO?

We wanted the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO to be fresh and exciting. It was painful trying to get everyone on the team happy with the design and colours, but we eventually managed.

When the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO project started, we did not allocate a budget for it. The goal was to create the best production board regardless of cost, we were unsure how the market would respond to a high-tech board priced above the norm. However, it turns out there are riders who appreciate the exceptional quality, and the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO has been well received.


Balz Müller, famous for his creativity and energy on the water, is also well-known for pushing not only his limits but also the limits of the gear. We asked Balz for his thoughts on developing the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO.

What made you want to develop a pro board?

Having a good board is like being in a relationship – the longer it lasts, the better it gets. If a board breaks quickly, trust and love cannot be established, making a relationship impossible. My goal was to have one board that I could take with me for events and holidays. Honestly, the development of a ROCK’N’ROLL PRO started at the very beginning of my wing foiling journey. I wanted a long-lasting and strong board, and we achieved that.

What were important features for you?

I love art, so being colourful is really important to me. When I look at the car industry, where everything is white, black, or grey, it kinda makes me sad. I enjoy a colourful life, and I like my wing gear to match that.

I am a big fan of the metric inserts because they allow you to quickly and easily change straps multiple times.

What is it like riding the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO?

The ROCK’N’ROLL PRO is easy to fall in love with. It is strong, long-lasting, colourful, and lightweight. It feels great jumping. The ROCK’N’ROLL PRO is a perfect match for me.

All about the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO board

The development goals of the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO have been successfully achieved, with the board being exceptionally strong and durable. We paid special attention to the foil boxes, ensuring that they are the strongest available. It is important to note that the board’s strength does not come at the expense of weight. While the average weight of a 70l board from other brands is around 6kg, the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO 77l weighs only 4.9kgs. The entire team is thrilled with the outcome, and we are confident that if you are a rider seeking the very best, you will be just as pleased. Be sure to check out all the specs on the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO landing page.

Interested in wingfoiling?

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