ENSIS EngadinWing 2023

Since 1998, Engadinwind has been hosting windsports events for windsport enthusiasts in the picturesque locations of St. Moritz and Silvaplana. Once again, ENSIS has proudly sponsored and supported EngadinWing, a week-long event filled with thrilling wingfoil racing, freestyle competitions, pump foiling, and an array of exciting wing-related activities.

Here’s an overview of the week’s highlights:

Wing foil racing

EngadinWing 2023 was an absolute thrill with its main event: Wing foil racing! The highly organized and qualified Wingfoil Racing team ensured an unforgettable competition. 50 riders, fueled by adrenaline, fiercely battling it out for the top positions.

Two days of racing were hosted during the event, 2 long distance courses on the first day, and 8 short courses on the second.

The event kicked off on the 13th of June and the wind did not disappoint. Competitors had to complete 2 long distance races. Utilizing most of the lake for the racing.

ENSIS team rider Montse Sole performed exceptionally and won the very first women’s race of the day.

Rider: Montse Sole
Gear in photo – ROCK’N’ROLL, SCORE Limited Edition, BALZ PRO Helmet

No wind? No problem – Pumpfoil racing

On a windless day, a team relay pump foil contest was held. The format involved teams of 3, and they were given 4 minutes to pump around a course comprising two buoys and one bar where the riders had to crouch low and duck underneath.

Lots of spectators at the Pumpfoil racing competition in the ENSIS corner

The next team member would only be allowed to begin their run once the previous member had returned. One point was awarded for each mark they successfully passed, and an additional point was given for returning to the dock.

Balz Müller, Rawham and Joshua Pretorius took the win for team ENSIS using the newly released Hip Hop Pro boards and Stride foil.

It made for great spectating and lots of cheering was heard.

Best of 3 – World first

On the final day, a first-of-its-kind event brought together the three wind foil disciplines: kite foiling, wing foiling, and windsurf foiling, in a thrilling “foil off” showdown. This unique competition placed a strong emphasis on creating a lasting impression, showcasing the incredible versatility of foiling.

Best of 3 a worlds first show during the ENSIS EngadinWing 2023

Spectators were treated to an awe-inspiring display as athletes from each discipline pushed the boundaries and demonstrated their mastery of foiling techniques. It was an extraordinary testament to the sheer excitement and adaptability of foiling in the world of windsports.

Media by SailingEnergy and EngadinWing.