ENSIS goes to China

For the first time, ENSIS participated in the 2nd HUBEI – WUHAN Youth Sports EXPO in WUHAN from March 17 to 19.

The fair was all about outdoor sports. The aim of the HUBEI region is to bring the young generation to do more outdoor sports like soccer, skateboarding and also water sports like wingfoiling.

The new ENSIS distributor in China, Allan Lan, told us:
“We will have an ENSIS Wing Center in South China at Dongsham Imperial Beach, where a GWA Wing Event will also be held in November 2023 (tbc). It was great to have Roberto here at the fair to represent ENSIS and present all the ENSIS products. We will also have a big dealer meeting the week before the GWA World Cup. We are sure that wingfoiling will grow strongly in the Chinese watersports community. See you in China!”

Text: Roberto Hofmann, Hubei.