The new ENSIS INFINITY Wing Foil

ENSIS INFINITY Wing Foil Slide and Spray

The ENSIS INFINITY Wing Foil is engineered for ambitious discoverers to experts looking for a maximum performance in freeride, freestyle and wave.

The INFINITY is easy to control and offers excellent manoeuverability and agility. It shows a unique performance spectrum from its surface area, offering a great maximum speed whilst maintaining an amazing low-end lift.

Two of the impressive characteristics of this foil are; the control you have whilst carving tight turns, and the pop it achieves in take-offs. 

The INFINITY Wing foil is the perfect mix of playfulness and control to push your limits. It is time to dance and play on the water!

Freeride | Freestyle | Wave

INFINITY 1100, 1400, 1800

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ENSIS INFINITY Wing Foil launch