ENSIS SCORE Limited Edition with Joshua Pretorius

Navigating the winds, embracing the waves and carving your own path on the open sea with a product that screams premium and high performance at every turn. An experience made possible by cutting-edge materials and industry-leading design that sets the bar higher. This is exactly what the ENSIS SCORE Limited Edition promises,  and who better to take you on this ride than one of the biggest users of the product, ENSIS team rider Joshua Pretorius.

Joshua has taken the SCORE Limited Edition to stormy seas, waves, nuking winds and he overall is pushing the limits with this wing. We’ve asked to step off the board and get behind the keyboard to take us through a narrative about his experiences, impressions, and captivating stories from his time spent with the SCORE Limited Edition.

Joshua and the SCORE Limited Edition

Long before the SCORE Limited Edition was even a tangible thing, I had already caught wind of it. The first peek was through an email, unveiling a wing design so innovative and eye-catching… Yet, the sting of reality hit when I realized it was going to be a while before I could actually get my hands on it. The anticipation was intense, sleepless nights became routine, all while I eagerly awaited the arrival of this unique wing.

There’s nothing like it on the market – the x-ply, the rigid handles, the hookipa. My excitement was contagious, and I’m certain the ENSIS Team manager breathed a sigh of relief when he finally handed over the wing to me in Cape Town, after what I admit was relentless pestering on my part.

I’ll start off with the construction and my first impressions. The shape, the hookipa paired with the x-ply canopy, and the rigid handles are beautifully eye-catching and innovative. The moment I pulled the wing out of the bag, people flocked to see what I had just unveiled, which was an issue because at this point the wing was still meant to be a secret – a badly kept one, hahahaha.

Weight was a consideration in my mind before it arrived, as x-ply is a heavier material than nylon ripstop. But once I picked it up, any concerns about weight were put aside. The leading edge material, Hookipa, is lighter and stronger. So the end result was a weight in line with other wings, but with huge performance gains.

One notable benefit of Hookipa is that I am now a fitter athlete because the wing can be pumped up to 12psi. It is worth it though – the benefit is a smaller diameter leading edge that is stiffer and more rigid compared to other wings.

Performance-wise, the SCORE Limited Edition delivered everything I had hoped for. Whether I was riding waves, speeding, jumping, or freestyling, the wing was always up to the task. Its responsiveness to my inputs, thanks to the solid leading edge and rigid handles, was exceptional. It cut through the air like a hot knife through butter, delivering crazy speeds. I won the first Dunkerbeck GPS-Speed Challenge of the 2023 season. I’ve hit peak speeds of 34.21 knots (63 km/h).

Beyond impressive performance, the SCORE Limited Edition is strong. Despite several wipeouts at high speeds, it was always unscathed, a testament to the durability of the x-ply and hookipa. The wind range was another impressive feature – the wing handled even the most violent gusts, locking into place and giving me the confidence to brave the elements.

If there’s an image that captures what I’m trying to say, it’s the photo from the Downwind Dash, a local race in Cape Town. Navigating a 12km downwind stretch under notoriously strong winds, I managed to set the best time ever using the 5.2m SCORE Limited Edition!

Being from Cape Town, you always see photos of kitesurfers sending huge jumps with Table Mountain in the background. It is THE iconic photo to get – everyone wants one, and so did I. But I wanted to do it wing foiling and with no camera tricks to take away from the magnitude of the mountain and city. The goal was to get a photo between Table Mountain and Lions Head above the City of Cape Town. I asked Tobias, who had spent the entire day shooting the new SCORE rigid handles, if we could try to get this shot. He agreed, so he and his poor camera sat on the beach being blasted with sand. We eventually got the photo, and we were both super stoked with the result. Anyways, long story short, the X-Ply wing has insane hangtime and boosts huge. I just wanted to brag about the photo first. Thanks, Tobias!

Goals this summer are to be faster, and boost higher!

In conclusion, if you’re after performance, durability, a wide wind range, and the ability to turn heads at your local spot, the SCORE Limited Edition is your wing of choice. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

In Joshua’s vibrant journey and thrilling experiences, the SCORE Limited Edition has emerged as more than just equipment—it’s a game-changer. It’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and performance at ENSIS. Here’s to all the adventures it’s fuelled and to many more on the horizon.

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