ENSIS Team Rider Guy Bridge in South Africa

ENSIS watersports Team Rider Guy Bridge in South Africa with the new ENSIS SPIN

Recently the ENSIS team rider Guy Bridge spent an amazing time wing foiling in South Africa. Cape Town is known as the place for strong winds and perfect wave riding conditions during the Southern Hemisphere’s warm summer months. 22 year old Guy Bridge, from Exmouth, United Kingdom, is usually chasing wind and waves back home on the UK’s south coast but It was time for a change and Guy Bridge was lucky to score some epic waves in Caribbean blue waters south of Cape Town. We asked Guy some questions about his trip to South Africa:

What brought you to South Africa?

I was thinking for a while about visiting South Africa as it is somewhere that has such a diverse range of conditions. Especially now having wings to use it really opens up so much potential in the perfect cross shore conditions. It also tied in perfect as it meant I could come out and help my brother Tom Bridge at the King of the Air competition, and then we could do loads of riding together after the competition.

ENSIS watersports Team Rider Guy Bridge in South Africa with the new ENSIS SPIN

What beaches were you mainly at Winging, and how did you find it?

I was mostly just winging down south in the Misty Cliffs / Scarborough area. Mostly because for the time I was there, these places south of Cape Town got much more swell rather than the Cape Town side with the known spots at Sunset Beach, Kite Beach or Big Bay.

My brother Tom Bridge also mentioned to me that he thought it could be epic winging in the Misty Cliffs area , advice I chose to take as he has spent a-lot more time in Cape town than me. With the potential of strong winds, good waves and crystal-clear water the trip came together and it was a really epic experience. I was so fortunate to score some epic given I was only in SA for a couple of weeks. I think the pictures we brought back from South Africa speak for themselves.

You got to use the new ENSIS SPIN: first impressions of the new SPIN?

The new ENSIS SPIN I was using was a proto-type but already I could see it has got potential to be one of the best wings on the market. I was impressed by the all-round performance it offered having a super unique mix of balance, control and power. It was pretty tricky conditions in South Africa with big waves and strong gusty winds but for sure I loved every minute on this wing and super excited to use it more in the coming months. With the new ENSIS SPIN I felt it had lots of potential and stability in both riding the waves, and busting out the freestyle.

Meanwhile Guy Bridge is back in the United Kingdom, looking for wind and waves back home – but one thing is sure, the new ENSIS SPIN is a new friend on his side.

ENSIS watersports Team Rider Guy Bridge in South Africa with the new ENSIS SPIN
ENSIS Team Rider Guy Bridge after an epic session in Cape Town.

Guy Bridge:
Age: 22
From: United Kingdom
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/guy_bridge/