ENSIS WALTZ: How to mount the Tail Kicker Pad

ENSIS WALTZ Downwind wing foil board how to mount the tail kicker pad

The tail kicker pad on the ENSIS WALTZ has flexibility in placement and can be set in the perfect spot for each rider and riding style. Michael “Rawham” Näf explains how to find the right position for the tail kicker pad, and how to mount the pad on your ENSIS WALTZ. Dive into the world of downwind wing foiling with the ENSIS WALTZ.

ENSIS WALTZ Downwind Board

Embrace the future of foiling with the ENSIS WALTZ, the downwind board that even your dance partner will envy. Designed for both efficiency and control, whether you’re gliding through the gentlest breezes on flat water or riding the endless waves of a downwinder, the ENSIS WALTZ is your ideal companion for every adventure. Get ready to dance on the water all year round.

The ENSIS WALTZ is ideal for ambitious discoverers to experts looking to do downwinders, be in the surf while SUP (standup paddling), and is a great solution for lightwind wingfoiling that will have you on the foil in a breeze.

Meticulously designed, with an optimum waterline length that is balanced and stable to ride, the pintail makes it easy to pump and generate speed. The board is fitted with extra-long foil tracks that allow you to find your ideal foil placement.

ENSIS WALTZ 6’0’’ (85 l), 6’3’’ (95 l), 7’0’’ (115 l), 7’6’’ (135 l)

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