ENSIS Youngsters – Gear tailored for kids

We understand that for parents, finding appropriately sized gear for your youngster can be challenging. At ENSIS, we have made sure that our extensive catalogue caters to the next generation of riders. In this article we will cover ENSIS gear for kids as well as provide some information on what gear to get.

Right sized gear for the job


One of the challenges when kids learn to wingfoil is finding gear they are able to handle. Sure, a 5m wing may be easy for you to handle, but definitely not for someone half your size. Fortunately, ENSIS offers wings as small as 1.8m.

The ENSIS SPIN is a low aspect wing. The smaller wing span helps youngsters and shorter individuals with handling. Over and above that, the SPIN is offered from 1.8m and features soft handles, perfect option for the youngest riders on the water.

The ENSIS SCORE offered from sizes 2.8m, features rigid handles and is a great option for young riders wanting rigid handles with their wings.

ENSIS Boards

When it comes to choosing the right size board, the same rules apply for kids. You generally want to match the volume with rider weight for the best experience. For growing youngsters, we would recommend sizing 20l above their weight. For a more in-depth breakdown, check out the post about sizing boards on ENSIS ACADEMY. ENSIS has a great board range from sizes 27l upwards in various specs, which we will dive into below.

ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP – a great beginner board that is not only easier on the wallet but also on the riders. The TOP DECK is covered entirely in EVA FOAM. Offered in sizes 37l – 167l.

ROCK’N’ROLL AIR – The inflatable option in the ENSIS range is a great choice for packing and travelling with limited SPACE. Offered from 65L, it is easy to set up on the windy and summer days and quick to pack up during the winter or school months.

ROCK’N’ROLL – The full carbon board, for kids sending it, jumping and trying freestyle moves. The ROCK’N’ROLL is offered from 27l upwards.

ENSIS Helmets

The most important aspect of any great helmet is a perfect fit. ENSIS offers two models of helmets, which you can read about in detail here. Both models are offered in sizes for JUNIORs.

BALZ PRO JUNIOR – now offered in junior sizes

DOUBLE SHELL – offered in black and red

We’ve got gear for youngsters covered

ENSIS offers a wide range of gear specifically designed for kids who are learning to wingfoil. From appropriately sized wings to boards and helmets, ENSIS ensures that young riders can have a fun and safe experience on the water. With options like the SPIN wing, ROCK’N’ROLL boards, and Junior-sized helmets, parents can find the right gear for their youngsters to enjoy wingfoiling.

Interested in wingfoiling?

The ENSIS team is highly skilled in wing foiling and is eager to assist you in starting your wing foiling journey. Our worldwide retailers offer a variety of ENSIS products, making it convenient for you to bring wing foiling to your location. Contact us now to learn more about our products or locate an ENSIS retailer nearby.