ENSIS Youngsters – Training Camp Sardinia

Sardinia’s crystal-clear waters set the stage for a perfect playground for the ENSIS Youngsters training camp, held from October 9-14. In collaboration with FOILMANIAYOUTH this event brought 15 youngsters to Porto Pollo for a week of adrenaline-pumping activities and tons of foiling.

ENSIS Youngsters Strategy

ENSIS recognizes the importance of supporting younger generations in building a vibrant windsports community and proudly supports ENSIS Youngsters around the world. Both FOILMANIAYOUTH and ENSIS share a Swiss origin and a deep passion for foiling and nurturing the next generation of foilers. FOILMANIAYOUTH and ENSIS are dedicated to organising youth events that introduce and promote foiling to young enthusiasts, fostering a healthy community around the sport.

Coaches Laura Rudolph and Michi Näf, ENSIS TEAM RIDERS, led the event, and they are stoked about foiling and helping youth in the sport. They expressed their gratitude to ENSIS for supporting the event and creating lasting memories for both them and the young participants.

Fun week of foiling, exploring and sunny weather

While the winds took their time to arrive during the initial days, FOILMANIAYOUTH ensured there was never a dull moment. On calm days, young participants engaged in team competitions that included pumpfoiling, spikeball, and even dune jumping with the wings. When the winds finally picked up, the kids got to refine their freestyle skills during a training session with the talented Michi.

Additionally, they had the opportunity to explore the area, try their hand at snorkelling, and experience the thrill of climbing. One of the standout moments was watching the kids tow-up foiling using only a rope, their muscle power, and unwavering determination.

ENSIS Youngster experience

Dani, a ENSIS Youngster team rider, attended the event and filled us in on the happenings.

“We did Fly to the sky competition, jumping with the wing from sand dunes.”

“One time we went to another beautiful beach for super nice pumpfoil pictures.”

“And yes, the water was super warm and clear, perfect for winging and pumping for a long time.”

“I think the kids’ camps are awesome for the sport. It was nice to see  and with so many kids winging and pumping. And if there are more camps i‘m 100% going to be attending!..”

Get involved!

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