Flora Artzner joins the ENSIS TEAM

Flora Artzner joins the ENSIS Wing Foil team

Welcome to ENSIS Flora Artzner! From France, with many wingfoiling accolades including being the 2022 GWA World Cup and 2023 European champion. Flora is a biodiversity engineer who is passionate about environmental protection and watersports. Flora loves wingfoiling in the waves and helping others improve and enjoy wingfoiling. We’ve asked Flora to tell us a little bit about herself.

Getting to know Flora

Hi, I am Flora Artzner, an engineer and project manager specialising in environment and marine protection, as well as a professional wingfoiler. I hold the titles of World Champion in GWA racing for 2022 and European Champion for 2023, with 21 international medals in wingfoil. I also serve as the organiser for the Roca Cup wingfoil event and director of the Ecowave NGO.

Where is your home spot, tell us what the conditions are like?

L’Almanarre, located in Hyères in the south-east of France. I love this spot. Hyères is where I was born and raised. It is windy almost every day here. When the Mistral wind is strong, we can experience winds of more than 40 knots. I enjoy these conditions because the waves are often large when the wind is strong.

What are your ideal wingfoiling conditions and what is your favourite wingfoiling discipline?

In competitions, I excel in wingfoil racing and slalom. I thoroughly enjoy the speed, tactics, and technical aspects, all skills I acquired from my windsurfing background. However, what I love most is riding waves. I also enjoy sharing sessions with friends and family, providing tips, and coaching others in the art of wingfoiling.

What ENSIS gear are you currently using and what can you tell us about it?

Currently I am using the ROCK’N’ROLL 37 and both the ENSIS TOP SPIN and SCORE, the ROCK’N’ROLL is really light. I love the boom of the TOP SPIN for freestyle and the hard handles of the SCORE are great for controlling the wing.

ENSIS Flora Artzner joins Wing Foil team

Welcome to the team

Flora is passionate about sustainability in water sports and is involved in projects that support her beliefs. She believes in encouraging others to explore their local spots and waters before traveling. ENSIS supports these values, and we believe Flora will add value to the team and is a perfect fit.

Welcome to ENSIS, Flora!

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