Frozen Lakes and Theme Parks: Pump Foiling with Rawham

ENSIS Pump Foiling in Frozen Lakes and Theme Parks or Europapark

Life can be challenging when you’re a wind and water sports fanatic living in a landlocked country. Fortunately for Rawham (Michael Näf), there’s no need for wind or waves when pump foiling. Rawham has taken his ENSIS pumpfoil equipment from frozen lakes to theme parks, capturing truly unique footage from across Europe. Enjoy.

Pump foiling turns every lake and body of water into a potential playground without the need for wind or waves. If you haven’t given it a try, we highly recommend you give it a shot; it’s great fun that keeps you active and on the water year round. If you’re interested, ENSIS offers all the necessary kit to get you started, including the ENSIS HIP HOP PRO board and ENSIS STRIDE foils. If you’d like to read more about getting into pumpfoiling, check out the post over at ENSIS ACADEMY.

Interested in anything wing or foil?

If we piqued your interest enough to try pump foiling, we would love to help you on your adventure. Our team of foiling experts are ready to answer any questions you may have, alternatively please feel free to pop in and visit one of our amazing retailers at their stores located across the globe. If you do give it a go, please don’t hesitate to tag us in your photos and videos on social media. We would be stoked to see you all out on the water.