Launch of the ENSIS SAMBA Wing & Windsurf School, SUP Board

The ENSIS SAMBA has been specifically developed for schools and rental centers. New water sports enthusiasts love the wide design of the daggerboard-equipped SAMBA to learn their new sports with ease and fun. School owners have the peace of mind that the SAMBA board is always on the water: on windy days for wingsurfing and windsurfing, on calm days for stand-up paddling. Instructors appreciate the colored graphics that help with foot placement for teaching. The SAMBA 130, coming with two fins, is the ultimate children’s board; kids will be hooked in no time.

The SAMBA features an EVA covering on the top deck and rails, safeguarding riders and the board from knocks and dings. Paired with the molded fiberglass construction, the SAMBA is built to last. With a molded handle on the front and a strap on the back, the SAMBA is easy to handle and carry. Adventurers will love dancing the SAMBA!

SAMBA 130, 150, 180, 200, 230

ENSIS SAMBA staying upwind wing foil school and windsurf school board

1Board3Sports, color markings for teaching, durable

Wingsurfing, Windsurfing and Stand-up paddling with the ENSIS SAMBA. If you’re taking your first steps learning to wingfoil, or you’re just wanting to freeride on your lake wingsurfing, the wide and stable platform of the SAMBA will comfortably have you exploring the water and let you focus on controlling the wing.  

The Swiss-army-knife of boards for discoverers, the design of the SAMBA is wide and stable, featuring a 10-inch mast track for windsurfing sails, a powerbox fin, and a daggerboard that helps with directional stability and prevents drifting.

No wind? No problem. The stable design that makes the SAMBA ideal for windsurfing and wingsurfing also makes it a great choice for SUP.

Discover the ENSIS SAMBA