On long journeys with the ENSIS BIRDIE

ENSIS BIRDIE Wing Foil Harness

Get ready for extended sessions on the water with unprecedented comfort. Introducing the ENSIS BIRDIE, a wingfoiling harness that offers ergonomic design, intuitive functionality, and unparalleled support for your wingfoiling adventures. Crafted and designed in Switzerland, it’s tailored to support riders wanting longer and less strenuous sessions while riding.

The BIRDIE is a featherlight harness made with waterproof fabrics weighing only 390 grams, that will not take on extra weight even while in the water. The harness is generously padded to provide ample back support while maintaining flexibility to facilitate the rider’s movements. The hook is designed to easily fold side-to-side, eliminating concerns about equipment damage. The innovative, smart magnetic clip is convenient, easy to use and durable.

ENSIS BIRDIE Wing Foil Harness

Longer sessions, less effort, more adventures. The BIRDIE is ready to support you on your wingfoiling journey.

BIRDIE Wing Harness in blue and grey, sizes S/M, L/XL

Swiss engineered & crafted

Patrick Aggeler, the designer of the ENSIS BIRDIE, about the ENSIS Wing Harness: “The aim of the development was to create a super-light, comfortable harness that offers the rider plenty of freedom of movement. We tried out many shapes on different people. The key question was: what is stiff enough to provide great support and be comfortable at the same time? We played with different materials and shapes until we were entirely happy. We also incorporated some innovative features. What also sets the harness apart: This feather-light, stylish and practical harness is made in Switzerland in collaboration with a sheltered workshop.”

ENSIS BIRDIE in grey and blue, in 2 sizes S/M, X/XL

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