Patrick Aggeler and the ROCK’N’ROLL 87


At the heart of every ENSIS product is a team of passionate and enthusiastic riders. It’s essential that our team members love, understand, and use the gear. From beginners to the “Balz Müllers,” ENSIS has gear ready for all levels of riding. Today, we’re highlighting the ROCK’N’ROLL 87L and chatting with Patrick Aggeler, a developer and designer at ENSIS, about what he loves about the wing foil board.

Catching up with Patrick

Patrick Aggeler is a Swiss waterman, part of the ENSIS developing team, with a long history in the paragliding and textile industries. A passionate wing foiling fanatic, he is guaranteed to be seen at his local lake whenever there’s wind, always with his ROCK’N’ROLL 87L. We catch up with Patrick to learn about his thoughts on the board, the type of riding he enjoys, and why he chose the 87L.

What kind of wing foiling do you enjoy, where do you mainly ride, and what are the conditions like?
I am mainly a freerider and do a little bit of freestyle. I mostly ride at my home spot, Lake Alpnach, which is only 5 minutes away from my home. The wind conditions range from 10 to 30 knots.

What do you like about the ROCK’N’ROLL board?
I love the weight and stiffness of the ROCK’N’ROLL. Not only is it light while carrying, but in the water, when pumping and flying, you feel the low weight and rigidity. The design, colors, and quality are great.

How did you decide on which size ROCK’N’ROLL to use?
I chose the ROCK’N’ROLL 87 based on my skills and the conditions at my home spot. 87L is just perfect for me; I weigh 85 kg. The board is stable, lifts early out of the water even in low winds, is easy to pump, and is very stable in the air. It is a lot of fun to jump and freestyle.

Would you recommend the average rider choose a board with more volume? Do you feel you’re missing out by not taking a smaller board?
I don’t feel like I am missing out by not riding a smaller board. For an average rider who can already do turns and tacks, the 87L board is a great size that is fun in all conditions.

Choose the gear that is right for you

It is easy to get lost with all the information available online, but you will have a much better wing foiling experience if you choose gear appropriate for your conditions and skill level. ENSIS offers gear and sizing for all skill levels and conditions. The ROCK’N’ROLL is available in 12 sizes, from 27L to 167L, ensuring you can pick the gear that is right for you. If you’re not sure what size gear to choose, you can check out the ENSIS ACADEMY, our online resource and guides to wing foiling.

Interested in anything wing or foil?

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