Postcard from Brazil

Family foiling getaway – The Foiling family of three, Eva, Balz, and their two-year-old daughter Lotta, usually prefer to travel by van as it allows them to bring their home and surf gear wherever they go. However, they decided to leave the van behind for their recent trip to Brazil for the GWA Tour stop in Cumbuco.

Before the event, they arrived in Brazil and had an adventure in Jericoacoara, Brazil.  Downwinding, SUP, surfing, wingfoiling, playing in the pool, and plenty of coconut and açai lunches. They also made sure to spend plenty of time relaxing in hammocks. Watch this short video to see their incredible trip – Postcards from Brazil

Video: Postcard from Brazil

The journey from Switzerland to Brazil is long, but well worth it. Eva recommends reading various blogs and resources online before travelling with a 2-year-old. She said Balz and herself brought books and toys to keep Lotta entertained on the long flight, but Lotta was all too happy once the family arrived to find cosy beds, in Jericoacoara, where the oceans and lagoons are warm.

Until the next foiling trip

Balz, Eva, and Lotta enjoyed their time in Brazil and have now returned to cold Switzerland. They are on the water just as much as they were in Brazil, just this time wearing a lot more neoprene.

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