Product Spotlight: ENSIS HIP HOP PRO

The ENSIS HIP HOP PRO is the board that will elevate your pump foiling experience to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this carbon board offers an unbeatable experience. We’re going to highlight what makes the HIP HOP PRO special and why it should be your next pump foiling board.

All about the Shape and Size

Careful consideration has been given to the experience of using the HIP HOP PRO, and the design decisions that set the board apart, offering the best pump foiling experience. Firstly, the shape: it is compact with minimal swing weight, making it easy to handle. Its upturned nose helps you rebound when the foil touches down, providing more room for error and more time on the foil.

Mistakes do happen while pump foiling, and sometimes you end up far away from the dock or starting location, needing to swim back. That’s why the HIP HOP PRO was designed with a bit of volume, 17 litres. Less strenuous swimming equals more attempts at pump foiling. The added volume also provides the perfect grip size on the rails.

Quality and Details

Built for Durability – Crafted with precision using prepreg carbon, the HIP HOP PRO is not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. Say goodbye to worrying about your board holding up season after season; this board is built to last. The construction is stiff and direct, making pumping the foil very efficient.

The foil tracks extend all the way to the back of the board, allowing for easy and flexible foil placement.

Who is the HIP HOP PRO board for?

The board is designed to be the ultimate pump foil board, suitable for beginners to pros. However, its length and volume make it versatile and a great choice for kite foiling and wake foiling. Built strong and made to last, if you’re looking to start pump foiling, you can’t go wrong with the ENSIS HIP HOP PRO.

Interested in anything wing or foil?

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