The manufacturer offers to the original purchaser a limited 1 year warranty from defects in material or workmanship from date of purchase. If the product fails, the manufacturer will, at its option, either repair or replace the product after reviewing all details through our standard warranty procedure.

This warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by normal wear and tear including scratches or paint chipping, abuse, impact, negligence, UV damage or damage caused through abrasion, improper dealer service, improper connection of components or incorrect storage. This warranty is only valid if the product is purchased through an authorized ENSIS shop so please retain proof of purchase. This warranty covers the component only. For more information, please contact your ENSIS shop.

Frequently asked questions

I have a warranty claim. What is the procedure ?
Your ENSIS shop, where you bought the product from, is always your central point of contact in case of a warranty claim. Your shop is responsible for the coordination of replacing or repairing the products if applicable.

What do I need to make a warranty claim ?
Proof of purchase is required for all claims made under warranty, accidental damage and misuse are not covered. Contact or visit your ENSIS shop where you bought the product.

What if I ask another ENSIS shop for help with a service claim?
When you bought your equipment, you made a legal contract with your ENSIS shop. If warranty and liability claims or any other service questions arise, that shop is your main point of contact. Making a claim for your equipment with a shop other than the original seller is at the discretion of the secondary shop.

I purchased my equipment online and have an issue. What can I do?
Your ENSIS shop, where you bought the product from, is the central point of contact who will handle the assessment and processing of the damage. Get in contact with them as soon as possible.

How long is the liability and/or warranty period ?
The statutory liability for material defects applies to the original customer of new equipment for one year. Excluded from this are damage and wear and tear parts.