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efficient pumping, direct control, light & solid

Pump foiling is the exhilarating new way to glide and dance across the water, harnessing speed and lift through the power of your own body movements. Whether you’re an ambitious discoverer or a seasoned pro, the ENSIS HIP HOP PRO carbon board delivers unmatched performance that will leave you craving more. Its perfect grip, compact shape, and direct power transmission ensure optimal pumping efficiency. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to a seamless ride that will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

The beveled rails provide a secure and comfortable grip, essential for smooth dock starts. Finding the right foot position on the board has never been easier, thanks to its ideal size. Once flying, you’ll feel an unparalleled connection to your every movement, enjoying complete control over your foiling experience. If carving is your goal, send it! Crafted with precision and excellence, our board boasts a prepreg carbon construction that sets the bar for superior quality. Offering minimum weight and unbeatable durability, you can trust that this board is built to last, season after season.


Pump Foil, Dock Start

Balz about the HIP HOP PRO carbon board

« The HIP HOP PRO is my magic carpet that allows me to fly over water and having fun no matter the conditions. Pumping as long as I can on the glassy lake. Cruising around on the kitefoil, or foilcarving lines in waves. The compact shape and direct control offer me unlimited potential to play creatively with the elements. »

Balz Müller

Performance Features

For ambitious discoverers to experts

This compact and ultra responsive high performance carbon board is designed for all ambitious pump, wake and kite foilers longing for unforgettable sessions on the water.

Efficient pumping

The perfect grip, the reduced swing weight and the direct power transmission leads to a highly efficient pumping for long rides.

Direct control

The stiffness of the carbon construction combined with the highly solid built-in foil box provides ultimate feedback of your movements. The concave deck is designed to give you the control you need.

Secure and comfortable grip

The beveled rails provide a secure and comfortable grip, essential for smooth dock starts and brilliant for your freestyle moves.

Ultimate carving

The HIP HOP PRO offers everything you need for ultimate carving: short and compact shape, light weight and direct control.

Easy rebound

The wide nose, rocker and flat hull make the rebound easy in case of a touchdown.

Wake and kite foiling

A compact shape, lightweight and great durability, direct control and high agility – these are the features you need for wake and kite foiling. You won’t stop smiling riding the ENSIS HIP HOP PRO!

More features

Comfort and grip

The grooved, comfortable diamond deck pad gives you a perfect grip and control.

Highest quality carbon

The Prepreg Carbon Construction stands for highest quality, offering minimum weight and maximum durability.

Fast foil mounting

The inbuilt foil box system enables a slide-in from the rear – fast mounting is guaranteed.

Foil position options

The long foil box allows a wide variety of foil positions.

Recommandations and specifications




Pump foil, wake foil, kite foil

Ideal for

Ambitious discoverers to experts

Rider weight

30 – 110 kg


3’3’’ / 98 cm


15’’ / 38 cm


1.8’’ / 4.5 cm


2.6 kg (+/- 10%)

Footstraps options



13 l

Recommended Foils

STRIDE 1900, PACER 2000, PACER 2400

Scope of delivery

The ENSIS HIP HOP PRO is a board only option.

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