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Triple performance with the ENSIS inflatable 1Board3Sports: wingsurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling! The parallel outline provides great propulsion and speed while paddling. The two side fins give the necessary lateral resistance for wingsurfing and windsurfing.

ENSIS Inflatable 1Board3Sports 240 l, 260 l, 280 l

WingSUP, windSUP and SUP


WingSUP performance
Wing SUP is a new water sport that requires minimum equipment and guarantees maximum fun; in wind speed as low as two beaufort, you can glide effortlessly over the water. With an ENSIS inflatable 1Board3Sports in a practical roller bag and an ENSIS Wing in a small backpack you’re ready to go.


WindSUP performance
Any commercial windsurf sail system can be connected to the ENSIS inflatable 1Board3Sports with only a few simple steps. The concealed screw connection is not noticeable when paddling and easily transforms the paddle board into a windsurfing board. The ENSIS board glides dynamically across the water making every session fun.


SUP performance
Stable and fast, the ENSIS inflatable 1Board3Sports glides over the water. And when wind picks up it quickly becomes a wingsurfing or windsurfing board. Ideal for families who are just beginning to athletes seeking variety in their sport.

Key Features


High quality board and accessories

The ENSIS inflatable board and accessories are produced in first-class facilities to ensure highest possible quality and durability. The board can be inflated up to 20 PSI, rendering it extremely rigid to enable high performance.


For speed and going upwind

The parallel outline allows for maximum forward drive while simultaneously offering a stable platform. The diamond tail provides a clean water release for more speed and if using a sail or wing, the stretched outline makes staying upwind easy.


Kickpad for quick turns

In addition to excellent grip, the elevated ENSIS pad makes quick turns effortless and achievable to all.


Comfortable handles

Three comfortable handles are located at the tip, middle, and stern of the board ensuring easy transport in and out of the water.


Useful deck net

The deck net is practical for storing the paddle while doing a downwinder or simply to carry around other items you may need.

Reinforced towing loop

The ENSIS inflatable board has a trustworthy, high quality towing loop for all your towing needs.

Tech Features


High rigidity

The vertical dropstitch fibres are fused together with the top and bottom PVC resulting in excellent torsional stiffness and stability with optimum weight.


Longevity and enhanced stiffness

The wide double PVC layer on the rail ensures greater durability, longevity, and added stiffness.


Strict quality control

All of our products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure the highest standard of ENSIS inflatable boards.


Reinforced rig insert

The windsurf rig insert is reinforced with four layers of material to ensure long lasting reliability and durability.


Protected fin box

The valve is located at the tip of the board to ensure the fin box is protected when rolling up the inflatable board. The fin box can be further protected by utilizing the supplied fin box protector.



Ultralight fiberglass paddle

The ultralight 3-piece paddle is adjustable from 1.66m to 2.18m, making it ideal for all your needs. The paddle blade is reinforced with glass fibres making it suitable for powerful paddle strokes. The paddle can easily be dismantled into 3 parts, allowing it to fit perfectly inside the ENS!S roller bag.


Highly efficient triple action pump

The ENSIS triple action pump is fast, noiseless, and does not require much effort when inflating. The 2 chambers and the 3 progressive stages allow for effortless inflation. The pump itself is stable and has comfortable wide handles with an integrated pressure gauge.


High quality roller bag and backpack

The ENSIS roller bag is stylish and full of practical details. If used as a roller bag, the backpack straps can easily be stowed away and if used as a backpack, it remains highly comfortable thanks to the functional design. Some useful details include a mesh pocket, a ventilation opening allowing moisture to escape, handles on both sides of the bag, and an easily accessible address window.


Practical coil leash

The ENS!S coil leash has a quick release fastener and the spiral shape prevents the leash from hanging in the water.


Easy to mount fins

The Slide-in rear fin is designed to be easily inserted without the use of any tools. The shape of the rear fin keeps the board stable, on course, and ensures speed. In addition, the Quicklock side fins used for windsurfing and wingsurfing are also designed to be easily inserted tool-free due to the plug-in system.

Recommandations and specifications

ENSIS Inflatable 1Board3Sports





10’6’’ / 320 cm

10’6’’ / 320 cm

10’6’’ / 320 cm


29’’ / 74 cm

31’’ / 79 cm

34’’ / 86 cm


6’’ / 15 cm

6’’ / 15 cm

6’’ / 15 cm


240 l

260 l

280 l

Rider weight

<70 kg

70-90 kg

>90 kg

Scope of delivery

Inflatable SUP, high quality roller bag, highly efficient single action pump, 1 center fin and 2 side fins, 3-piece ultralight fiberglass paddle, coil leash Also available without paddle and coil leash.

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