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flat water & surf, high stability, comfort

Embrace the future of foiling with the ENSIS WALTZ, the downwind board that even your dance partner will envy. Designed for both efficiency and control, whether you’re gliding through the gentlest breezes on flat water or riding the endless waves of a downwinder, the ENSIS WALTZ is your ideal companion for every adventure. Get ready to dance on the water all year round.

The ENSIS WALTZ is ideal for ambitious discoverers to experts looking to do downwinders, be in the surf while SUP (standup paddling), and is a great solution for lightwind wingfoiling that will have you on the foil in a breeze.

Meticulously designed, with an optimum waterline length that is balanced and stable to ride, the pintail makes it easy to pump and generate speed. The board is fitted with extra-long foil tracks that allow you to find your ideal foil placement.

ENSIS WALTZ 6’0’’ (85 l), 6’3’’ (95 l), 7’0’’ (115 l), 7’6’’ (135 l)

Downwind, Lightwind Wing, SUP Surf, SUP Pump Foil

“The WALTZ has opened up a whole new water sports dance floor. You can surf the ENSIS WALTZ every day whether pump foiling on the glassy lake, surfing the lake waves, or cruising around with your wing in the lightest breeze. When a storm hits, you’re dancing downwind on the longest waves of your life, flying with the wind at your back.”
Balz Müller

“Wow! The “WALTZ” downwind board is simply a machine! The “WALTZ” offers you a playground for every condition. It is stable, easy to handle, and the perfect companion for light wind wing foiling and long downwinders. It is an adventurous addition to your water sports equipment.”
Michi Näf

“Amazing glide, early take-off, smooth touchdowns with quick rebounds. The ENSIS WALTZ is direct and comfortable. The perfect dancefloor for SUP foiling the lake and ocean waves.”
Balz Müller

“The WALTZ offers me many new adventures on our Swiss lakes. I love the perfectly shaped and stable board that allows you to paddle and get up on the foil easily. The WALTZ is available in different sizes, which makes it easy to find your perfect board. I definitely fell in love with the colorful 85 l board.”
Laura Rudolph

Performance Features

For ambitious discoverers to experts

Designed by the ENSIS development team, the high-performance WALTZ is perfectly at home under the feet of professionals, but equally accessible to ambitious riders discovering these sports.

Designed for paddle and wing

Downwinders, SUP foiling in the surf, flat water pop-ups, or lightwind wing foiling. The shape of the ENSIS WALTZ has been refined to be easy to ride and is ready for all of your hydrofoil adventures.

Exceptional stability

The directional outline and steep rails make it incredibly easy to balance the board in the water before take-off and while flying.

Comfort and control

The recessed deck provides a comfortable ride and more direct connection to the hydrofoil.

Incredibly early take-off

The long and narrow design allows the board to generate speed and take-off incredibly early and with minimal effort with either paddle or wing.

Amazing glide

The wide, flat bottom shape and long rails result in outstanding gliding characteristics. For endless rides.

Quick rebound

Designed for long downwinders , the nose was designed to enable quick rebounds in case of touchdown.

Lightwind wing foil

The long and narrow shape reduces drag, improves planing performance and enables a higher top speed. In the water you can easily build up speed and take off very early, ideal for light wind conditions.

Efficient pump foiling

The pintail makes it easy to pump the board and generate speed even in flat water.

More features

Extra long foil box

Extra long foil boxes (42 cm, 16’’) have been fitted to ensure perfect hydrofoil placement for every rider.

Tail kicker options

The tail kicker has flexibility in placement and can be set in the perfect spot for each rider.

Footstrap options

All boards are equipped with inserts for 2 front footstraps. Well positioned for comfortable riding.

Solid and light

The WALTZ is made in a carbon sandwich construction with superior material qualities, resulting in a light and strong hull. The rails have specially been reinforced for protection against knocks from a paddle.

Safety leash plug

Reinforced leash plug on the tail end of the board.


WALTZ board bag

The board bags are perfectly tailored for each size of the ENSIS WALTZ, all featuring padded shoulder straps, carry handle and a middle split so you’re able to use the bag while the foil is mounted.

Coil hip leash

The ENSIS waist leash has a 6 cm wide, padded velcro loop with two buckles (waist 70 – 110 cm) and heavy duty swivels. At full length it measures 240 cm long.

Coil knee leash

The ENSIS coiled knee leash has a padded velcro loop and a heavy duty swivel. At full length it measures 140 cm long.

ENSIS twist


ENSIS footstraps offer a comfortable fit, a memory fitting and a screw system.

3-piece ultra carbon paddel

The ENSIS Ultra Carbon Paddle is for any paddler seeking the highest standards of quality, performance, and design. The matte polished, 100% carbon paddle is ultra light and allows for maximum power transmission.


ENSIS WALTZ How to mount the Tail Kicker Pad for downwind wing foiling

Recommandations and specifications







85 l

95 l

115 l

135 l


186 cm, 6’0’’

194 cm, 6’3’’

216 cm, 7’0’’

231 cm, 7’6’’


46 cm, 18’’

48 cm, 19’’

52 cm, 20’’

56 cm, 22’’


5.9 kg

6.2 kg

6.9 kg

7.4 kg


Extra long foil box

Extra long foil box

Extra long foil box

Extra long foil box

Footstrap options

2 front straps

2 front straps

2 front straps

2 front straps

Rec. rider weight

< 85 kg

< 95 kg

< 100 kg

< 110 kg

Scope of delivery

The ENSIS WALTZ is a board only option. Accessories are not included, buy separately.

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