Recap: GWA Wing Foil Worldcup Tarifa

GWA Wing Foil Worldcup Tarifa RECAP

The second GWA wing foil freestyle event concluded from May 1st to 4th in Tarifa, a recurring favorite GWA stop, well-known among windsports enthusiasts for its strong Levante winds. The event focused exclusively on SURF-FREESTYLE discipline. ENSIS riders Christina and Sofia represented ENSIS on the water, delivering impressive performances.

GWA Wing Foil Worldcup Tarifa RECAP Tina and Sofia

Wing Foil Surf-Freestyle

Wind conditions were less than ideal, with predominantly light and onshore Poniente winds throughout the event. Riders had to adapt and compete under challenging circumstances. The ENSIS riders rose to the challenge, with Christina utilizing the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL PRO foil board and TOP SPIN – her favourite wing foil set – to land impressive rotations, advancing until the semifinals where she was knocked out.

GWA Wing Foil Worldcup Tarifa RECAP

Sofia displayed remarkable consistency, successfully landing the majority of her moves and securing a place in the finals, finishing 4th overall, just shy of the podium. Well done and thank you for representing ENSIS on and off the water.

What’s next?

It was an exhilarating second stop, and the next freestyle event will be held in the Canary Islands, featuring both SURF-FREESTYLE and FREEFLY-SLALOM disciplines. This event had surprising innovation, and we’re excited to see the level of skill pushed even further.

Interested in wingfoiling?

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