ROCK’N’ROLL board range grows


The range of ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL models grows to twelve dedicated shapes that offer high performance to everyone who wants to dance on the water.

Based on the revolutionary concave outline combined with a compact shape, the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL wing foil board offers exceptional stability and control when starting in choppy water, when accelerating onto the foil and when flying.

ROCK’N’ROLL 27 & 37 – wing foil wave, surf foil

The two smallest models are dedicated wing foil and surf foil boards for youngsters and experts. Wing foiling small boards in waves and stormy conditions require expertise. However, the ROCK’N’ROLL supports you in every possible way.

The concave outline and the perfectly balanced volume distribution offer maximum stability and control while water starting and flying. The progressive bevels absorb the touch downs and neutralize imbalances. The reduction of the wetted surface allows fast-release take-offs. Playfulness at its purest!

As a Prone Surfer you will love the easy-to-grab beveled rails which make your pop-ups from prone to standing quick and easy. Enjoy dancing on your wave!

ROCK’N’ROLL 47, 57, 67, 77 – wing foil wave, freestyle, freeride

Experts, advanced and light riders love to dance with it: The ROCK’N’ROLL 47 to 77 stands for ultimate stability, maximum control, fast touchdown recoveries and a distinct playfulness. The tail kick in the bottom shape supports active pumping for fast take-offs.

The compact shape with the concave outline provides the desired agility while flying and supports unlimited moves up in the air. The lightweight, solid construction not only lets you dream about high tricks and jumps, but also gives you the confidence to perform them.

ROCK’N’ROLL 87, 97, 107 – wing foil freeride & freestyle

Endless cruising, carving moves, discovering freestyle – you can’t get enough of it? The ROCK’N’ROLL 87, 97 and 107 offer everything you need. The wide nose and tail give you the important stability to get started even in the choppiest water or while waiting for the next gust.

Thanks to the flat tail kick bottom, you can launch passively, waiting for the wind to slowly lift you out of the water. As an advanced rider, the ROCK’N’ROLL supports your pumping by quickly breaking the surface tension, allowing the board to rock up fast.

The concave outline provides the ultimate stability and control while flying. Smooth touchdowns, high maneuverability and a solid, lightweight construction make the ROCK’N’ROLL your ideal companion to advance to your next level.

ROCK’N’ROLL 117, 137, 167 – wing foil freeride

Are you a discoverer or do you often wing foil in light winds? The engineered wide nose and tail give you the essential stability to get started. The perfectly distributed volume supports you in your balance.

The hull is engineered for passive take-offs, allowing you to wait for acceleration, lifting you up slowly and steadily until you fly. Once flying you will love the stability and control the ROCK’N’ROLL is offering you.

Landing in water the wide nose enables smooth nosedives and then you’re back up foiling again before you know it. The easiest board to learn and advance in wing foiling!

ROCK’N’ROLL 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77, 87, 97, 107, 117, 137, 167
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