Sofia Marchetti joins the ENSIS TEAM

We are excited to announce that Sofia Marchetti, a 21-year-old wingfoiling shredder from Italy, has joined the ENSIS Team. Sofia loves all disciplines of wingfoiling and plans to compete in as many competitions as possible during 2024. Join us for a conversation with Sofia about her wingfoiling journey, goals, and gear.

Interview with Sofia

When did you start wingfoiling?

Before wingfoiling, I used to kitefoil. I watched the wingfoilers and saw the sport growing. As the sport became more popular and prevalent, my father pushed me to try it. I fell in love with wing foiling immediately and later had the opportunity to try a GWA event in Brazil, where I fell in love with the competitive aspect of the sport. Since then, I have been training and pushing myself in wingfoiling. I have been riding for about a year and a half now.

Where is your homespot and what are the conditions like?

My homespot, Rambla, Maccarese is not easy; there is a lot of current and shallow water to navigate through the waves. I particularly enjoy it when the wind is coming from the west as it creates beautiful waves and a perfect rampfor jumping. When there is a westerly wind, it usually reaches around 20/22 knots, which, in my opinion, is the ideal wind condition.

What are your wingfoiling goals for next year?

Next year’s goal is to participate in as many stops of the GWA tour as possible. I want to train hard, taking advantage of all the possibilities I have, and above all, listen to advice from those who are more experienced than me. I will give 101% in every training session and obviously during my races too. I will approach this next year with maximum effort and be ready to achieve my competitive goals. I will also aim to learn new manoeuvres, including the backflip, and I am confident that with the ENSIS team I will achieve my goals.

What ENSIS gear are you currently using and what do you love about it?

For now, I’m using the ENSIS TOP SPIN for freestyle! I love this wing. It feels balanced and powerful, and it’s incredible how it follows all my movements and is super fast and quick when I’m in the air during rotations. I also really love the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO board. I find it very light in the air and easy to manoeuvre. I use the ENSIS SCORE for racing, and it is an excellent wing. I really like it for racing because it has a lot of power, and during the turns it seems to cut through the wind… It’s also easy to manoeuvre to change direction!

Exciting year ahead

We’re super stoked to have Sofia join ENSIS; she is a perfect fit for the team with her passion for freestyle and everything wingfoil! We look forward to supporting her during her competitive journey. 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

Interested in wingfoiling?

The ENSIS team is highly skilled in wing foiling and is eager to assist you in starting your wing foiling journey. Our worldwide retailers offer a variety of ENSIS products, making it convenient for you to bring wing foiling to your location. Contact us now to learn more about our products or locate an ENSIS retailer nearby.