STRIDE Pump Foil

easy take-offs, efficient pumping, ultimate gliding
Looking for fun on the water on a windless day? Go pumping with the ENSIS STRIDE, a high performance dock start, pump and SUP foil for discoverers to the crazy carvers.

The STRIDE is a high aspect ratio hydrofoil that offers exceptional lift and efficiency at low-end speed, designed for easy take-offs. The foil is perfectly balanced, supporting your take-off abilities to the max. The light and stiff mast provides optimal power transmission. The front wing and the gullwing shape stabilizer are designed to offer you exceptional pumping efficiency and control. After a few efficient pumps, the good high-end speed comes into play. The shape of the front wing reduces drag, saving you energy while pumping. You will feel like you are gliding forever.

Michi about the STRIDE Pump Foil

“Flying over water has never been easier than with the STRIDE. The foil is so efficient that you can pump and go on a journey of discovery. Its carving characteristics are also insane. You are able to breach the foil and keep the flow going.”
Michi Näf

You want to get crazy with your carving moves? The rather flat front wing with thin sweeping edges allows you to slide without disturbing the water flow across the entire foil and stalling. It is time to dance and play on the water!

STRIDE 1900 Set

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