Tech Talk: TOP SPIN Wing


The ENSIS boom wing, the TOP SPIN, is for all riders who want to dance on the water and feel the freedom of infinite grip options. A new world of riding opens up to you.

Michael “Rawham” Näf, steps in front of the camera to talks about the design decisions and characteristics of the ENSIS TOP SPIN and how those benefit you on the water.

Video: TOP SPIN Tech Talk

Ambitious discoverers love the direct response and the power of this compact, high performance wing. Experts love the ultra-direct, maximum control combined with the new riding opportunities thanks to the boom. The ergonomic, lightweight boom, and its innovative ENSIS Click Fix mounting system, ensure full power transmission.

ENSIS TOPSPIN Purple Category Image

The boom is designed to offer great comfort and a firm grip supporting everyone in their moves. The same boom fits all sizes. The TOP SPIN, packed in a backpack with a smart design, is an eye-catcher on land. And even more so on the water… feel the passion!

The TOP SPIN is available in 5 different sizes and colours.

TOP SPIN 3.1, 3.6, 4.1, 4.6, 5.1

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