The ENSIS SCORE with rigid handles is here

ENSIS SCORE Rigid Handles For discoverer to pro

The ENSIS SCORE with rigid handles impresses with its easy handling and direct power. The perfect combination of stability, power and forward drive will get you flying before you know it.

ENSIS SCORE rigid handles Orange

The wing is perfectly balanced and feels light in your hands. The stiff frame and high canopy tension provide great power even in very light winds and excellent stability in stormy conditions.

«This SCORE keeps you going in light and strong winds and has an incredible forward lift. The new stiff frame and the rigid handles make you feel one with the wing and give you maximum performance.»

Michael Näf
ENSIS SCORE Rigid Handles Easy Handling

The rigid handles, using the ENSIS Click Fix mounting system, are perfectly positioned on the strut and offer a comfortable and ergonomic grip for direct steering.

«This SCORE has an enormous wind-range and handles extremely well in strong conditions. Allowing power in the gustiest sessions the ocean has to offer. The wing is extremely well-balanced while flagging out and riding swells. I feel the SCORE with rigid handles is the perfect do-it-all wing.»

Joshua Pretorius
ENSIS SCORE Rigid Handles Wave

You will be amazed at how easy and effortless the SCORE with rigid handles performs when flying and practicing your moves. Be ready for long sessions! For discoverers to the pro.

«The SCORE with rigid handles feels very good and light in the hands. It’s just amazing how much power this wing develops and yet the handling is easy. The control is excellent, especially in manoeuvres. Smooth and comfortable to fly, the SCORE is perfect for a chill day on the water.»

Devin Hauser and Daniel Wenger
ENSIS SCORE Rigid Handles Freeride

SCORE 2.8, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.2, 6.2, 6.9
Available from mid-March

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