The Wirbelwind Project: A Floating Wingfoil Centre

The Wirbelwind Project offers a unique wing-safari experience aboard a 45-foot catamaran, equipped with an array of ENSIS wingfoil gear. Over a span of 7 days, it traverses the Aegean Sea in the Mediterranean, seeking windy and pristine conditions. This venture was founded by three friends, united by their passion for wingfoiling, including ENSIS team rider Christina Konig.

How the Wirbelwind Project Began

The Wirbelwind Project started when Basti and Christina, who left their busy life in Germany six years ago, moved to Naxos Island in Greece. This island is famous for windsports and sailing. There, they taught different watersports like wingfoiling and bought their first sailboat. They began exploring the Greek Islands, looking for good places for wingfoiling. This led to the idea of a floating station for wingfoiling, to reach special and untouched spots. The project, named “Wirbelwind,” was created by Basti, Tina, and a friend who share a passion for wingfoiling. The name Wirbelwind represents endless activities and ideas on the sea. They now want to show others these great and untouched wingfoiling locations on the Greek Islands.

Gear, Conditions, Activities, and Location

Departing from Alimos Marina near Athens, the experience unfolds in late September. This timing ensures a warm, comfortable climate, ideal for water activities while avoiding the peak tourist season. The Meltemi, a northern wind, provides perfect conditions for wingfoiling, with speeds ranging from 12 to 25 knots, catering to both novices and experienced riders. The catamaran is fully equipped witht ENSIS wingfoiling gear.

As participants and crew navigate the turquoise waters, they will discover hidden bays and picturesque coastlines, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Greek islands. Activities are plentiful, even when the wind subsides, including island exploration, beach relaxation, snorkeling, and hiking. The Wirbelwind Project promises an unparalleled Greek sea adventure.

ENSIS is excited to be the gear of choice for this experience. For more information, be sure to visit their website and follow their instagram.

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