Wake and Surf Foil: ROCK’N’ROLL Soft Top 37

ENSIS ROCK'N'ROLL SOFT TOP for Surf Foiling and Wake Foil or Wake Foiling

The ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP is available in a range of sizes, from 37 litres up to 167 litres. Today, our focus is on the ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP 37 board, which we believe is one of best options for schools or weekend adventurers wanting to learn to foil in the surf or wake foil. The soft top is easier on riders, equipment and wallets.


Learning to foil involves plenty of knocks and falls, which is why the ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP is tailored specifically for kids, beginners and schools. Its foam deck ensures a gentler experience for riders and their equipment, helping to ease the learning curve. It comes with the added benefit of being offered at a more budget-friendly price compared to carbon construction, making it accessible to a wider range of riders.

What are the compromises?

The soft top comes in the same sleek shape as the ROCK’N’ROLL, without any performance trade-offs. However, it’s worth noting that this board isn’t specifically designed for high-impact aerial freestyle manoeuvres. So, if you’re aiming to ride like Balz Müller, we recommend considering the ROCK’N’ROLL or ROCK’N’ROLL PRO instead. That said, we stand by the durability and craftsmanship of the ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP.

The best beginner foil board for boat and surf foiling

The ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP is great for a day wake foiling behind the boat with friends. The board has very little swing weight thanks to the compact shape and it gets up riding easily thanks to the flat rocker and waterline.

ENSIS ROCK'N'ROLL SOFT TOP for Surf Foiling and Wake Foil or Wake Foiling

While riding the nose is upturned so the foil rebounds in case of touch down. This also helps with take off while paddling in the surf or towing up onto the foil.

Is the ROCK’N’ROLL 37 the solution for you?

The ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP 37 is a standout choice for beginners, kids, schools, and weekend adventurers needing a small foil board solution. Its soft top construction not only ensures a more forgiving experience during inevitable falls but also makes it more accessible in terms of price, catering to a broader range of riders. its durability and craftsmanship guarantee a reliable platform for learning. Whether cruising behind a boat or catching waves in the surf, the ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP 37  is a versatile and dependable.

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