Welcome to ENSIS, Antoine Albeau!

ENSIS Wing Foil team Antoine Albeau

26 x Windsurfing world champion joins the ENSIS team – FRA-192 Antoine Albeau hardly needs an introduction, but just as a refresher: Antoine Albeau is a legend in the windsurfing world, having acquired a total of 26 windsurfing world titles across multiple disciplines. He is the current windsurfing speed record holder at 53.27 knots (98.66 km/h). Wingfoiling is a natural fit for this accomplished waterman. ENSIS is proud to partner with him and his sailing centre, Ecole de Voile de la Couarde.

Antoine loves doing downwinders, can be found doing impressive jumps and found in sizey waves. His wing of choice is the ENSIS SCORE Limited Edition, a high-performance wing that is powerful and long-lasting, the perfect qualities for a world champion.

Antoine Albeau brings both knowledge and experience that will be valuable and appreciated here at ENSIS. Welcome to the team.

Ecole de Voile de la Couarde

Antoine retired from the competitive windsurfing tour, and when not involved in various windsurfing speed events, he can be found at his sailing centre. Located in La Couarde-sur-Mer, a village situated on the Île de Ré, an island off the west coast of France, Ecole de Voile de la Couarde offers rental equipment, lessons, and guidance for various watersports, most notably wingfoiling. When selecting a wing partner, Antoine sought a brand with quality and longevity, and we’re pleased to be that partner.

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