Welcome to the ENSIS team Levi Lenz

ENSIS Team Rider Wing foil pro from Brazil, Levi Lenz

Say hello to Levi Lenz, one of the newest members of the ENSIS team! Coming from the sunny beaches of Northern Brazil, Levi is a genuine waterman who loves the thrill of wind and waves – and he does it all without a wetsuit. Let’s give Levi a big welcome to the ENSIS family. We recently got a chance to chat with him and learned more about his love for wingfoiling and the water! 

ENSIS Team Rider Wing foil pro from Brazil, Levi Lenz

Catching up with Levi

You have an extensive background in windsurfing and watersports. What made you start and what do you enjoy about wing foiling? 
The first time I saw some footage of wing foiling, I remember thinking that if they worked a little harder, they would have reinvented windsurfing again … At that time, people were sailing like windsurfers, so for me, there was no point. But a little time after, I saw someone riding a swell with the wing neutral, and that opened my mind! Where I live, we don’t have the best or biggest waves, but we have a lot of bumps and swells, so the possibility to surf that got me hooked! 
Your home spot in Icaraizinho de Amontada, Brazil, what are the conditions like, and when is it best to wingfoil? 
Last year, I sailed pretty much the whole year! There’s no low season for the foil. From the end of January until the end of May, we are in the low season for the wind, but almost every day, you will have some time during the day that you can sail with bigger gear. Also, during this low season, we have more waves. All the swell that hits Europe in the winter will come here, with less power, of course, but we will have waves. In Icaraizinho, we have a lot of spots with different conditions. We have flat on low tide, point breaks with medium to high tide, and beach breaks! Also, during the high season, we have the best downwinders on the coast! There’s one that we do 15 to 20km with a lot of swell, and as we have a lot of rocks outside, the bumps get bigger but don’t break and go a long time, perfect for doing carves! 

ENSIS Team Rider Wing foil pro from Brazil, Levi Lenz

What aspect do you enjoy most about wing foiling, freestyle, being in the waves, downwinders? 
I have always loved the waves, so the possibility now with the wing is amazing! I feel like I can surf every day. Even when the waves are knee-high, we still have that surf feeling doing the carves and gliding. It’s so much fun. 
It’s great to have you on the ENSIS team. Tell us about your current setup and favourite wing sizes. 
It’s great to be part of the team! There’s so much talent here, and being part of that is amazing! I’ve been using the SCORE rigid handles. I feel like I can put the wing anywhere I want and just do my thing. I also love the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO. I like the small sizes, so I have more room on the carves. My favorite wing size is the Score 3.5. It has a lot of power to stand up easily and is small enough to not disturb you when you’re riding the wave! 
What advice would you give to someone wanting to start wing foiling in waves? 
Put your feet closer together, go outside on the bumps, put a little pressure on the wing just before putting it in neutral to gain some speed, trust in your balance, and have fun! 

ENSIS Team Rider Wing foil pro from Brazil, Levi Lenz

Perfect fit in the team

Levi’s already making waves as the latest member of our team, thanks to his vast experience across windsurfing, surfing, and kiting. He fits in like he was meant to be here all along. Don’t miss out on the incredible content he’s sharing from Brazil – follow Levi and ENSIS on social media to catch all the action. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead with Levi! 

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