Which ENSIS WING is right for you?

Welcome to ENSIS, where our passion for water, wing, and hydrofoils knows no bounds. With an extensive catalogue of equipment, we’ve honed our expertise to offer four distinct WING models. If you’re intrigued by ENSIS gear but uncertain where to begin, you’re in the right place. We’re here to provide a comprehensive overview of our current wings, detailing who they’re for and where they excel. We’ll cover the SPIN, TOP SPIN, SCORE and SCORE Limited Edition.


The ENSIS SPIN is all about easy handling and quick power delivery. It’s the only one in the ENSIS lineup with soft handles, and it’s designed to be compact with a shorter wingspan. Who’s it for? Well, pretty much everyone – from schools and kids to beginners and hardcore freestylers. It’s especially awesome for beginners starting their wingfoiling journey or for schools teaching the sport.

The smaller wingspan makes it easier to control and keeps those wingtips from touching the water, which is great for kids or shorter riders. Plus, it comes in smaller sizes, perfect for young wingfoilers. Even though the trend is moving away from soft handles, they’re still super useful, especially for teaching and keeping gear safe. The Wirbelwind Project, a mobile wing school, uses the SPIN wing exclusively for their lessons because those soft handles give them peace of mind.


The TOP SPIN wing is all about having the freedom to express your creativity on the water, featuring a boom and a sleek design like the SPIN. It’s perfect for riders who crave the freedom of a boom, offering flexibility in hand placement. The sturdy connection provides a direct feel and enhanced control over the wing, complementing its power and agility from the low aspect design. This combination makes it a best choice for all wing foiling and free riding adventures. Ideal for those riders wanting a boomed wing with unlimited potential. It’s Balz Muller go to choice for all of his winging antics.


The ENSIS SCORE, featuring rigid handles, is all about effortless riding and instant power. With its high aspect design, it’s built for speed and efficiency, perfect for extended free riding sessions and riding the waves. This wing strikes a balance between stability, power, and forward momentum, ensuring you’re up on the foil in no time. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, the SCORE is a great choice, offering a blend of balance, power, speed, and efficiency that’s hard to beat. It excels in the waves, both Guy Bridge and Levi Lenz opt for the SCORE wing while wave riding.

ENSIS SCORE Limited Edition

The SCORE Limited Edition is all about pushing performance to the max while being built to last. Its leading edge, crafted from Hookipa material, is designed to handle high pressure, resulting in a wing that’s stiffer and more rigid. The canopy, made from x-ply, is exceptionally durable and maintains its shape even after extensive use, unlike traditional canopy materials that tend to stretch out over time. With a design like the SCORE but featuring a reduced diameter leading edge, the SCORE Limited Edition is lightning-fast, durable, and built to go the distance. It’s the ultimate choice for seasoned riders wanting wing that’s not only high-performance but also long-lasting and tough as nails.

Which wing for who? The summary.

We firmly believe in picking the right wing to suit every rider’s needs and preferences. For beginners, schools, and kids looking to dive into the sport, the SPIN is an amazing choice. Designed to be user-friendly and offered at competitive pricing, it’s the perfect entry point into wing foiling. If you’re after marathon sessions or riding waves with finesse, the balanced performance of the SCORE makes it the natural choice. For those wanting a boomed wing to match their creativity, the TOPSPIN is the perfect wing for all your wingfoiling adventures. And if speed and durability are what you want, the SCORE Limited Edition won’t disappoint.

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