Wingfoiling Helmets: Protect your Head

ENSIS Wingfoiling Helmets Protect your Head

In the past, wearing helmets while snowboarding and kiteboarding was considered uncool and unfashionable. However, today, it is widely accepted and encouraged as riders recognize the importance of protecting their heads. Fortunately, due to the nature of foiling, wearing a helmet was adopted and accepted as a necessity of the sport early on. ENSIS offers two different models of helmets. We will cover the differences between the two and help you decide which helmet is for you.

Double Shell and Balz Pro Helmets

When it comes to choosing the right water sports helmet, it’s important to consider your specific needs and priorities. First we will cover the shared features of both helmets.

The most important feature for any helmet is a perfect fit, both helmets feature a 360° Micrometric fit system that  allows adjustability to ensure a perfect and snug fit.

ENSIS Wingfoiling Helmets Protect your Head

Both helmets meet EN 1385 standards and are CE Certified, The EN 1385 standard for helmets is a European safety standard specifically designed for helmets used in water sports. It sets requirements for impact protection, buoyancy, retention systems, and visibility. Helmets that meet this standard have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they provide adequate protection against impact and can stay securely on the wearer’s head during water activities.

ENSIS Wingfoiling Helmets Protect your Head Double Shell Helmet

DOUBLE SHELL: The ENSIS DOUBLE SHELL Helmet is designed for the rider looking for the highest standard in head protection. The helmet stands out for its exceptional impact resistance, making it a great choice for competitive water sports racing where high protection is crucial. It is impressively lightweight, offering comfort during extended wear. However, it’s worth noting that it is not rated for multiple impacts, which should be a consideration for some users.

The helmet is offered in colours red and black, and features click-on (removeable) ear pads for optional ear protection and a magnetic clip that makes fastening and removing the helmet a breeze.

ENSIS Wingfoiling Helmets Protect your Head Balz Pro Helmet

BALZ PRO: For enthusiasts who prioritise durability, the BALZ PRO Helmet is a strong contender. It is rated for multiple impacts, making it a reliable option for those who anticipate frequent knocks and falls. it excels in providing long-lasting protection.

The BALZ PRO features fixed ear pads that protect your ears from water impacts and the wind. It also has a small peak that prevents sun glare and does not obstruct your vision. Lastly, when you purchase the helmet, it comes with a sticker pack, allowing you to customise your helmet to your heart’s content, it is a blank canvas!

For the next generation in wingfoiling, the Balz Pro is available in smaller sizes. The BALZ JUNIOR Helmet is going to protect the heads of the wingfoiling youngsters!

In summary, the ENSIS DOUBLE SHELL Helmet provides high-quality head protection with exceptional impact resistance. Features removable ear protecting and a magnetic chin buckle. It is lightweight and comfortable but not rated for multiple impacts. The BALZ PRO Helmet, on the other hand, prioritises durability and offers multiple-impact protection. It features fixed ear pads, a sun glare-reducing peak, and a sticker pack for customization.

ENSIS Wingfoiling Helmets Protect your Head

No reason not to wear a helmet

Protecting your head should be non-negotiable while on the water. Excuses used for not wearing a helmet often revolve around them being uncomfortable and cumbersome. However, with most modern helmets, these concerns are no longer true. Regardless of your skill level as a rider, there is always a risk of collision, whether it is due to another rider’s mistake or your own. By not wearing a helmet, you are unnecessarily putting your safety on the water at risk.

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