Wingfoilracing Brazil Recap

The 6th and final race-tour stop of the World Cup Series, held in Jericoacoara, Brazil and hosted by the IWSA, concluded with an epic finale. The water was warm, and the wind was strong, resulting in over 20 action-packed wingfoil races. The event organisers made exciting changes to the format of the event, and ENSIS riders Montse Solé and Alessandro José travelled from Europe to participate, along with a new face making their debut as part of the ENSIS team.

The Conditions and Event

Jericoacoara, Brazil had the strongest and most consistent wind of any IWSA event held this year. Before the medal series, both the women’s and men’s wingfoil fleet sailed 19 races. There were two major format changes at this event. Generally, the first two races are long-distance courses and are scored with a 2x multiplier. However, the organisers felt this was too heavy on the overall score sheet and opted to score it as a single race.

The second major change was regarding qualifying for the Medal series. Previously, the top 10 wingfoilers from the gold fleet would qualify for the medal series. But with the changes to the long-distance course, they decided that only 9 riders would qualify and the rest of the fleet would compete in another long-distance race to earn the “golden ticket,” the 10th spot in the medal series.

Team ENSIS Wing Foil Racing in Brazil

The event was high-octane, and the riders were flying at incredible speeds thanks to the strong winds. Montse Solé and Alessandro José both made their way from Europe to compete in the warm waters of Brazil. Montse Solé was extremely consistent throughout all her races and qualified for the medal series, where she made it all the way to the semi-finals. In the qualifying rounds, Alessandro José earned two first places and had some really good races. He also qualified for the medal series but was unfortunately knocked out in the first round.

A new face, Levi Lenz, a windsurfing legend from Brazil, has officially joined ENSIS. Although he is not a racer, he did incredibly well and finished 4th in the Brazilian nationals. Keep your eyes posted for more from Levi.

Great year for wingfoil racing

The conditions genuinely set up this event to be the grand finale of wingfoil racing for 2023, and we’re sure that after that action-packed week, the riders are enjoying their time off from racing. Thank you to the IWSA team for the high level of organization and professionalism in hosting wingfoil racing events. They present the racing in an exciting way for spectators and provide a platform for riders to prove themselves through fair competition. It has been great watching the development of both the gear and riders, and we’re sure next year will be just as exciting.

Interested in wingfoiling?

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