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ENSIS WALTZ Downwind wing foil board how to mount the tail kicker pad
ENSIS WALTZ: How to mount the Tail Kicker Pad

The tail kicker pad on the ENSIS WALTZ has flexibility in placement and can be set in the perfect spot for each rider and riding style. Michael "Rawham" Näf explains how to find the right position for the tail kicker pad, and how to mount the pad on your ENSIS WALTZ.


Michael "Rawham" Naf steps in front of the camera to discuss and break down the ENSIS SPIN for wingfoiling: sizing, aspect ratio, who the wing is for, and where the SPIN excels on the water.

ENSIS Wing Foil team Antoine Albeau
Welcome to ENSIS, Antoine Albeau!

26 x Windsurfing world champion joins the ENSIS team - FRA-192 Antoine Albeau hardly needs an introduction, but just as a refresher: Antoine Albeau is a legend in the windsurfing world, having acquired a total of 26 windsurfing world titles across multiple disciplines.

ENSIS wing foil team at the GWA wingfoil world tour France / Leucate event 2024
ENSIS at GWA Leucate

From the 6th to the 14th of April 2024, the GWA has just concluded its first FREESTYLE and FREEFLY (wingfoil racing) events of the year. Read about the ENSIS team at the Event including an interview with Sofia Marchetti.

Launch of the ENSIS SAMBA Wing & Windsurf School, SUP Board

The ENSIS SAMBA has been specifically developed for schools and rental centers. New water sports enthusiasts love the wide design of the daggerboard-equipped SAMBA to learn their new sports with ease and fun.

Colourful launch of the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL
Colourful launch of the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL

In a vibrant and expansive colour range available in 12 familiar sizes, the ROCK’N’ROLL returns with a fresh new look. Drawing inspiration from the bright colours of the TOP SPIN wing, stand out on the water like never before.

ENSIS WALTZ now available

The WALTZ boards are now in stock and available nationwide! The WALTZ is your go-to board for lightwind wingfoiling, sup foiling, and downwinders. It's all about effortless speed for the earliest foil takeoff while ensuring stability and balance.

Tech Talk: ROCK'N'ROLL Wing Foil Board
Tech Talk: ROCK’N’ROLL

In the boardroom with Michael “Rawham” NäfMichael “Rawham” Näf, an ENSIS TEAM rider who is a crucial part of gear development, steps in front of the camera to talk about the design decisions of the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL wing foil board and how those decisions benefit you on the water. Want to know why the ROCK’N’ROLL […]

ENSIS BIRDIE Wing Foil Harness
On long journeys with the ENSIS BIRDIE

Introducing the ENSIS BIRDIE, a wingfoiling harness that offers ergonomic design, intuitive functionality, and unparalleled support for your wingfoiling adventures. Crafted and designed in Switzerland, it's tailored to support riders wanting longer and less strenuous sessions while riding.