Young Belgian Sol Degrieck joins ENSIS

Welcome to the ENSIS Team, Sol Degrieck.

We are super stoked to have the young, talented ripper from Belgium on ENSIS wing foil gear from now on. Sol loves to do crazy tricks on her windsurfing kit as well as with her new ENSIS wings, boards and foils.

Name: Sol Degrieck
Age: 13
From: Belgium`
Instagram: @soldegrieck

Why did you join the ENSIS team?
I choose ENSIS, because when I met the team at the BOOT exhibition in Düsseldorf, I could feel the good vibes, everybody was enjoying! I also knew already a few team riders, so that was nice.

You had your first sessions on the ENSIS gear – first impression?
Straight away when I tried the gear, it felt comfortable! Especially the INFINITY foil set, makes turning easy. I had silent and smooth rides from the first second. The small 27 l ROCK’N’ROLL board really suits my size, it makes me feel I can fly and touch the sky!

What set-up did you use mainly so far?
My wing of choice is the TOP SPIN 4.6, the INFINITY 880 foil and the ROCK’N’ROLL 27 l wing foil board. For safety I wear the BALZ Helmet,

The whole ENSIS family would like to welcome Sol to the ENSIS team.

Welcome, Sol Degrieck!